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Monte Gordo Portugal Guide

Monte Gordo is a modern resort town that lies to the east of the Algarve, the stunning coastline of southern Portugal. Monte Gordo is situated on a wonderful sandy beach that stretches for kilometers and around this great setting the popular tourist resort has developed. Monte Gordo offers many good day trips, to the charming town of Vila Real, to the fishing town of Tavira or even to the Spanish border town Ayamonte. So let us at show to you Monte Gordo, which has a surprisingly amount to do for a beach focused resort town.

Getting Started With Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo Extended Introduction

Monte Gordo is a medium sized resort town which offers good value for money and a stunning beach. The town attracts and equal match of young couples families and senior tourists, who all want great weather, amazing value and an excellent beach. The town is not aimed or even tries to cater for the crowd of party goes that head to either Albufeira or the Balearics Islands. Nightlife in Monte Gordo is focused around the many open air cafes and bars that stay open well into the night. If you want sun, beach and good value with the comforts of home then Monte Gordo is the destination for you. English is spoken as a second language thought the town, with most restaurant staff fluent in many European languages.

Monte Gordo beach

Monte Gordo beach

The main attraction of Monte Gordo is the fine weather and amazing sandy beach which stretches for 14km along the coastline. Unlike the western Algarve, which has steep cliffs, the beach at Monte Gordo is on the same level as the town and is suitable to access for all visitors. The beach is both long and wide so that even at the height of the season there is plenty of space for all. The waters are crystal clear but are shockingly cold, being from the chilly Atlantic and not the warm Mediterranean.


The tall white hotel complexes of Monte Gordo are surrounded by pine forests and slightly further north are the lagoons and marsh flats of the Sapal de Castro Marim nature reserve, home to storks and migratory birds including flamingos. The area surrounding Monte Gordo offers many good walks, be that along the beach, to the local town of Vila Real or through the orange plantations. For the more active southern Portugal has made a significant effort to construct good and safe cycle paths and the flat countryside is great for cycling. A popular routes are to Vila Real or west along the coastline and bike hire is inexpensive, as with everything in Portugal.

Monte Gordo beach

Monte Gordo beach

Sadly many guide books do not provide Monte Gordo with a very flattering write up, yes it is a white high rise hotel and apartment town but there are many good day trips and the town is an excellent base from which to explore eastern Portugal. Monte Gordo is less well known than the major resort towns of the Algarve and during the summer when prices are over inflated or no space to be found Monte Gordo does make for a suitable alternative.

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