Monte Gordo to Lisbon by bus

Monte Gordo is a popular beach resort on the eastern Algarve while Lisbon is the charismatic capital of Portugal, which is considered as one of the best cities in Western Europe. It is possible to travel between both destinations by train and bus but bus travel is the more sensible option. From Monte Gordo there is limited train departures, a connection is required at Faro and the train station is a long walk from the resort centre. This guide will provide an overview of the Monte Gordo to Lisbon bus services which will include fares, bus station information and a timetable.

Monte Gordo to Lisbon bus Timetable

Lisbon is 325km to the north west of Monte Gordo and to drive the distance takes around 3 hours. Driving in Lisbon is very demanding and most visitors are not recommended to drive in central Lisbon as it is significantly more challenging than driving in the Algarve. The Monte Gordo to Lisbon bus takes around 5 hours due to the number of stops along the Algarve coastline.


Bus travel in Portugal is safe, reliable and inexpensive and the modern coaches that serve the route are clean, comfortable and sufficiently spacious for a pleasant journey. There are two major bus companies which operate along the Lisbon Monte Gordo route, Eva and Rede Expressos, both companies are part of the same organisation and their branded buses sometimes are interchangeable used.

Lisbon to Monte Gordo Bus Fares and Tickets

A single ticket from Lisbon to Monte Gordo costs €36 and child tickets are half the price. Tickets can be purchased from Lisbon bus station or from designated shops in Monte Gordo, most have a small advert in their window and these tickets maybe subjected to a booking fee.

Monte Gordo eva bus

Eva coaches are modern, and comfortable

During the summer months tickets should be purchased as soon as possible as the bus route serves all of the beach resorts along the eastern Algarve and popular services sell out well before the day of departure. The most popular departures are Friday evening and Sunday afternoons, as everyone returns home. Tickets can be bought from Rede Expressos website but purchasing tickets from shop/offices sellers is much easier.

Monte Gordo and Lisbon Bus Stations

Monte Gordo is too small to have a bus station and the main bus stop is to the rear of the main pedestrian shopping street, the Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral. There is no ticket office and only limited information.

Monte Gordo bus station

The bus station of Monte Gordo is no more than a bus stop

The bus station which serves Rede Expressos and Eva buses in Lisbon is the Sete Rios bus station. This is a large and busy bus station on the northern side of the capital. The bus station is connected to the blue metro line by the Jardim Zoológico metro station and this is the suggested means of travel from Sete Rios. There are good facilities at Sete Rios but the complex is old and always very crowded and chaotic.

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